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When It's Time to Go

After applying for eighty-one jobs over the course of 10-year tenure, it finally occurred to me that perhaps, I was in the wrong line of work. From participation in developmental roles to special-projects, I was continually denied internal job opportunities. The feedback I received entailed that I was either unqualified or not qualified enough for the positions. Being a consistent top-performer within my work unit, having 10-years of work-related experience, and having an advanced education did not put me over the edge. However, I was continually relied upon by management for my expertise with the promise that I would eventually advance within the company if I gave a little more. There was no change in the pattern of rejection and over time, I became bitter. It was in that lowest moment of my life where I renewed my relationship with God. Subsequently, I began to envision all of the possible goals I could achieve by relying upon natural, unexercised artistic talents.

The purpose in sharing a segment of my travels with you is to offer this bit of advice: “Never invest more in an employer than it invests in you”. If you find time passing by and your employer does not see or take advantage of the potential within you, which is mutually beneficial, find another job.

Or, discover within yourself the passion that has the capacity to make you abundantly successful on your terms. No job is worth 10+ years of tenure and you’re still in the same place. No job is worth time wasted with future rewards of only regret that you should have taken the chance, and made different decisions. You owe it to yourself to achieve greatness. It’s an opportunity at your fingertips.

Take Care. Until Next Time………

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