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Where We Are As A Black Race

Every time I hear about another shooting involving a white policeman and an African-American, it’s like the feeling of a scab being ripped away from a wound trying to heal. As a Black man, I can tell you that I fear not only for myself, but also for my family and friends, and the children I plan to have. It’s an interesting statement if you deliberate upon it in the context of historical racism and prejudice as it occurred in the United States; for the plight of the African-Americans was never completely eradicated. Several laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Title VII Amendment came along, decelerating the pervasive hatred of white supremacist and yet, still left them in power to oppress through systematic fear.

When someone cries: “the justice system is broken”, I cringe because I wonder do they realize what they’re saying. To suggest that something is broken is to imply that it is damaged and/or inoperable. The justice system is far from broken. In fact, it functions as it always has with the objective to protect whites, and suppress and enslave Blacks as well as other minority groups. From inception of the Constitution of the United States, the nation has bore witness to atrocities committed under the guise of law, and the world looked on from the bleachers. Many turned their heads or fled to their homes surrounded by white picket fences believing as they always have, that as long as they stayed within their pristine community, they were safe from the evil and corrupt world around them. Even the Blacks who managed to achieve upward mobility and astronomical wealth disassociated themselves from their brethren who were less fortunate. Now today, the situation remains that laws have not been changed and we convinced ourselves to believe, the troubles of decades past were gone away.

Although I did not support her (preferring Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Presidential nominee), Hillary Clinton said it best during a convention that Black people can’t stand together on anything. She was right and the statement is still applicable present day. In the last month and a half, the church in which I affiliate – an estimated 17,000 membership, town-hall meetings took place. The church has five locations around Metro Atlanta. The church advertised the planned town-hall meetings for weeks during every service, so members had more than enough time to make arrangements with regards to their attendance. When I entered the sanctuary at the main campus, I was shocked to find that the number of attendees was barely equivalent to the average attendance of Wednesday Night Bible Study, which I estimated a mere two-hundred. I will add that as I ascended the steps to the church, I passed a Black woman who appeared as if she were in her mid-thirties. As she labored up the steps, she asked more so the guy who stood at the top of the landing whether Bible Study was scheduled that night. Before the man answered, I responded, informing the woman that the town-hall meeting was in-progress; fore I arrived 10 minutes late. To my amazement, the woman twisted her lips in irritation and prepared to turn back the way she came, until another woman with voter’s registration papers secured by a clipboard in her arms, beckoned her to come forward.

I shouldn’t have been particularly surprised however, given that two months ago when Blacks should have been moving their money into Black-owned banks, many were complaining on social media about the inconveniences of the institutions. Several Instagrammers commented that the one bank in particular was not local. Another IG-user explained the underlying reason – that the bank had a local branch at one time. Unfortunately, due to the low volume of business or lack thereof, the bank could not afford to maintain operations; thus, the branch closed. See, the issue I have is that Blacks don’t invest the time to learn about issues that really matter, not to mention educate themselves. Yet, they can tell you everything about celebrities and reality shows, all of which smokescreen socioeconomic issues. But there’s an audacity to expect that someone in the Black community to pick up the torch and fight against a legal institution that allows racism to persist in law enforcement while they sit at home partaking in some recreational activity.

Laws are enacted when a bill is agreed upon by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, who then obtain the President of the United States approval. Bills intended to become law get to the House when representatives at the city and state level pass them forward. Well, the bill won’t gain momentum if city and state representatives don’t support them. So this means that if African-Americans want change within the legal system, they have to learn about the candidates up for election and vote. EVERYONE MUST VOTE TO MAKE AN IMPACT!!!! Yeah, people can make excuses for why they can’t be part of a moment to make real impact, whether the reason pertains to their work schedule or some other personal obligation. Just remember, those who feel that way aren’t the only ones. If there’s a population of 10,000 people and 9,000 are too busy, there’s not much that the remaining 1,000 can do short of a miracle.

Those who believe that Donald Trump is going to create jobs, then you should thoroughly outline and evaluate the cost-benefit of the decision. As of 2015, the Global Outsourcing Industry was valued at approximately $88 billion. For the United States’ government including the U.S. Department of Commerce to give up a piece of the pie there would have to be an incentive. And appeasing the African-Americans is not one, and most likely won’t ever be an incentive. Remember that the majority of Donald Trumps’ supporters are white-supremacists. The irony of Blacks willing to work along those who openly hate them is laughable and pathetic. Unemployment for African-Americans is an estimated 9.1 percent for men and 8.9 percent for women according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If jobs returned to the United States, the current pecking order will hold with Caucasians given top priority unless Affirmative Action is in effect within the employer’s hiring practices. Therefore, it is advised that you find employment within the government.

My heart and prayers go out to the family of Terrence Crutcher. May God grant you favor in obtaining justice and aid you in finding peace during this difficult and troubling time. God Bless....

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