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Greetings, Readers!

It’s been a while since my last post. I now write to you from Texas—my new place of residence. I find myself settled enough to come to you with reflection. Some of you are aware that I’m Christian, and it’s from this perspective that I discourse tonight.

We’re approaching the third month of the year in 2018, and many people are focusing on the distance horizon, waiting to glimpse all that is to come and transpire within their lives. They stand filled with expectation. Prayers have been submitted to God, and each requestor seeks a response from our Heavenly Father.

But I ask you whether you know when God answers? Whether some people will admit their perceptions or not, they view God as a personal genie. When He doesn’t respond in the way that they expect or desire, they conclude that God hasn’t answered their prayers. This is simply not the case in most instances. Sometimes, we’re unprepared for the blessing that we seek. You want to be a business owner, but you haven’t developed a plan or possess the knowledge regarding how to start one. You want to find a husband or wife, but you’re either still living a promiscuous lifestyle or are selfish. The blessings of God are always for His benefit and glory, and not our own. It is necessary that you understand that there’s a purpose in God’s blessings, which extends significantly beyond our self-edification.

Looking in the rearview mirror of my past, there were many instances where God had spoken and I chose to be disobedient—pursuing a trajectory of my heart’s desire, or hesitated because of fear. The consequences of those decisions were uncomfortable to say the least, and I wasn’t without regret. Subsequent prayers were submitted to God, where I asked to be relieved from my poor judgment. Had I listened to God’s instructions back then, I would’ve avoided consequential disappointment and heartache.

Within a month and a half, I relocated from Georgia to Texas. I didn’t expect the transition to occur as swiftly as it did. I remember praying in late November and early December of 2017 for movement and expansion in several areas of my life, all the while, an opportunity lay before me. Initially, I turned down the opportunity because it didn’t meet all of my expectations. My pride also affected my perceptions. I was preoccupied with the superficial aspects of the opportunity, rather than the substantial. God directly asked me, “So, you’re not going to pursue this opportunity because of a mere title and your belief that you deserve more?” He then brought to my remembrance prayers that I submitted all throughout the year and prior. His answer was in my face and I refused to see it!!!

I humbled and committed myself to the process that has led me here. As the scripture, Proverbs 10:22 proclaims: “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.” The transition from one stage in my life to another was for the most part, effortless. The stress that I experienced, originated from fear of the unknown, and emerging from complacency. And all encompassing of the geographical relocation were closures and confirmations in other situations pertaining to my life. It became clear to me that it was time to depart.

My simple counsel to you is that when God speaks, listen and respond as He instructs. Forever I will reflect on Genesis 12:1-3 in which God tells Abram to “go from his country to a land that He will show him…,” and reveals the fruits of his obedience. God also instructed Moses on going to Egypt and liberating the Nation of Israel from captivity (Exodus chapter 4). When God opens the door of opportunity and commands action, He expects us to demonstrate our faith. He has already figured and orchestrated everything that is to occur, even though we can’t see the end. Understand that God is Alpha and Omega—the beginning and end of time. We as human beings live within time and are thus, unable to see outside of the streams of infinite possibilities.

I was conversing with someone, who was considering relocation to another state for a job opportunity. All signs were favorable with regards to her making this transition. Family members, whom she closely interacted, reside in this state—something that she can leverage. However, she didn’t move because of her child being in school. I was perturbed by this because the circumstances surrounding her immediate situation required intervention, and overshadowed the more superficial concerns. The solution stood in front of her, but her justification for not taking advantage of it was illogical.

There are life-changing events in this world that are completely capable of causing upheaval. Death, natural disasters, and economical change can take us from a state of comfort to a place of devastation and tragedy. Because many of us haven’t experienced these events, we remain in stasis and stagnation. This phenomenon evidences that we’re really living reactively instead of proactively.

Must life become tragic before we take action? Must we become destitute before we seek God for direction? How many times will we still not move forward when He opens a door while closing another? When we are unable to escape our present circumstances because of fear and complacency, we only have ourselves to blame. Get to know God through His word and prayer. Alignment between Bible study and prayer is critical to your understanding of when God speaks and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit within our lives.

Grace and Peace!


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