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Raoul Jones

Author | Speaker | Volunteer

Raoul Jones’ journey to becoming an author and entrepreneur began in 2016. He is the founder and creative mind behind Lone Blue Wolf Publishing Company. It is within entrepreneurial activities that he finds enjoyable freedom and flexibility to execute his imagination.

Featured Books

Coming 2021
The Brother Three
Spot Johnie Marx
Today We Celebrate Mama!
Ra-Ra M. J.
Down These Streets Alone
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Dash into the Journey

Committed to the healthy development of youths and preserving family values, in addition to defying the barriers of discrimination in publication. Take a journey through my books—worlds of adventure, fun, relevance, imagination, and inspiration for all ages.

Our Latest News

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Rift in the Black Community If we consider African-American History over the past 400 years, it is possible to see where the...

Don't Turn Back Now. Keep Going.

Some time ago, I listened to a vlogger discussing their experience of living through a temporary and rather unexpected situation and how...

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