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by Black Authors

A Day with Dad

A Day with Dad Simeon Thinks Business

The sequel to A Day with Dad...


Your favorite duo, Dad and Simeon, are back to take you on another adventure. In this team-up, we get the opportunity to read about Dad’s leadership not only from a father perspective, but also a businessman. What will Simeon learn this time? Get your copy and read about it today!


The best father and son adventure story around...


A Day with Dad is a story that portrays interactions between father and son. Simeon is an inquisitive boy, and Dad is attentive. One particular weekend, Simeon asks Dad to take him fishing. Dad agrees to oblige Simeon. But first, Simeon must complete his chores—responsibility before fun. And with Dad, there are always fun adventures. Will Simeon be able to complete his chores in time? What will happen on Dad and Simeon’s fishing trip?

Front cover of A Day with Dad childrens book

Down These Streets Alone

A man, who has lived in dysfunctional homes, endured child and sexual abuse, ostracism and racism, holds a dismal view of the world and himself. These life experiences shape Hakeem Lewis’ perceptions of reality, and thus, positively and negatively influence his behavior. For better or worse, he strives to escape a distressful past. Unfortunately, his methods fail to permanently cure him of sustained psychological damage. 

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Today We Celebrate Mama!

The children's picture book that honors the mothers that kids love...


When a mother cares for her children as much as Mama cares for Khari and Ayana, it doesn't go unnoticed nor is it forgotten.


The Brother Three

coming soon