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Down These Streets Alone

Ra-Ra M. J.

"Down These Streets Alone" by Ra-Ra M.J. follows the journey of Hakeem Lewis, a man who has endured a tumultuous upbringing marked by dysfunction, abuse, and discrimination. These harrowing experiences shape Hakeem's worldview and behavior, leading him down a path of addiction and self-destruction.

Despite his educational and spiritual background, Hakeem struggles to break free from the psychological scars of his past. As he grapples with his inner demons, Hakeem must confront the painful secrets that have bound and oppressed him for so long.

In a society where few dare to divulge their darkest feelings, Hakeem must decide whether to continue on his current path or seek psychological and spiritual guidance to overcome his struggles. Will he find the courage to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments for a brighter future, and will he prioritize his relationship with God over societal norms?

"Down These Streets Alone" offers a raw and honest exploration of trauma, addiction, and spirituality, as Hakeem embarks on a quest for redemption and inner peace. Join him on this gripping journey as he confronts his past and strives to carve out a new path for himself.

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