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Down These Streets Alone

Ra-Ra M. J.

A man, who has lived in dysfunctional homes, endured child and sexual abuse, ostracism and racism, holds a dismal view of the world and himself. These life experiences shape Hakeem Lewis’ perceptions of reality, and thus, positively and negatively influence his behavior. For better or worse, he strives to escape a distressful past. Unfortunately, his methods fail to permanently cure him of sustained psychological damage. The most shameful and painful secrets possess the power to bind and oppress. Few dare to divulge their darkest feelings and desires, for they fear criticism. Trepidation and ignorance become catalysts for persisting self-destructive behavior and socio-environmental destruction. Hakeem discovers that his coping methods have led him down a path of addictive, reckless, and immoral behavior despite an educational and spiritual background. Hakeem must decide whether to continue on his present course, or seek the psychological and spiritual guidance that he needs to flee the darkness, which surrounds him. The question is, does Hakeem possess the desire and courage to make the lifestyle adjustments necessary for a brighter future? He must also determine which is most important to his spiritual growth: the norms of the world or a relationship with God.

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