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Today We Celebrate Mama!

Spot Johnie Marx

It is time to party, kids! When families and friends work together with kindness, good things happen. That experience is something to be happy about.

In Spot Johnie Marx’ acknowledgement of many households led by single mothers, this multiracial children’s tale for young boys and girls, celebrates dedicated moms and motherly figures who are working women all over the world.

Synopsis: The hard work and dedication of a loving mother is not lost on brother and sister, Khari and Ayana, in Today We Celebrate Mama. There are many ways for kids to celebrate mom as this picture book depicts. And together with Grandma’s help, Khari and Ayana find the most precious gifts to surprise Mama.

In reading this narrative, children can learn something in terms of creativity—arts and crafts and be able to teach others. From children, it is the thought that counts. Mama knows this and loves Khari and Anaya with all of her heart.

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