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A Day with Dad

Spot Johnie Marx

Our children’s book publishing debut.

In "A Day with Dad" by Spot Johnie Marx, embark on a heartwarming journey through the eyes of Simeon, an inquisitive young boy, and his attentive father. This enchanting children's book captures the essence of the special bond between father and son, emphasizing the importance of positive paternal role models in a child's life.

Join Simeon and his dad on a delightful weekend escapade, as Simeon eagerly requests a fishing trip with his father. However, Dad lays down a condition – Simeon must first complete his chores before they can embark on their fishing adventure. Through this simple yet impactful narrative, children are introduced to the concept of responsibility and the importance of fulfilling tasks before indulging in leisure activities.

As Simeon tackles his chores with determination, readers are treated to a series of fun-filled adventures and endearing interactions between father and son. Along the way, farm animals add an extra layer of charm to the story, captivating young readers and sparking their imagination.

Will Simeon successfully complete his chores in time to join his dad on the fishing trip? Dive into "A Day with Dad" to uncover the heartwarming conclusion of this father-son bonding experience.

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