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Mirrors (2008) Horror Movie OnDemand: A 2023 Reflection

Director: Alexandre Aja

Main Actors: Keifer Sutherland and Paula Patton

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Release Date: August 15, 2008

Image of Keifer Sutherland as Ben in front of a demonic mirror
Mirrors (2008) Movie

**Warning! This blog post may contain spoilers.**

Mirrors was on my video-on-demand list, so I decided to watch the film after seeing Keifer Sutherland featured as one of the actors.

Mirrors: Unveiling the Backstory

Sutherland plays Ben Carson, a suspended detective who sleeps on the couch in his sister, Angie’s (Amy Smart) apartment.

Viewers eventually learn that Ben is separated from his wife, Amy (Paula Patton), with whom he shares two children. Their separation is the result of Ben’s alcoholism and a factor in his suspension from working in law enforcement. Ben is dealing with some demons as he takes Compral—a medication for people who are trying to stop drinking.

Ben obtains a night security job patrolling a charred department store. (In real life, this building is the Academy of Sciences in Bucharest, Romania). All around are mirrors in strangely pristine condition. The only source of light that penetrates the building’s interior is natural, coming through the windows. For the most part, the building is dark, and the effect is magnified once the sun sets. You can imagine how a dilapidated department store would look at night.

Unbeknownst to Ben, mysterious forces within the abandoned building quickly become aware of his presence…

Don’t Look in the Mirror! The Night Unfolds

Ben is given a makeshift office inside a trailer external to the building. During the first night on the job, he notes various oddities and witnesses a strange event involving the mirrors. Had it been me, I would have taken full advantage of staying within the trailer while the sun was down.

But Ben remains committed to making his nightly rounds, understanding that the income derived from the position is a major necessity. On the second night of patrol, his curiosity gets the better of him and drives further exploration of the department store. He realizes that something strange is going on with the mirrors. The forces do not disappoint and take Ben on a torturous journey.

Something Must Be Done About the Dangerous Events

Having come in contact with the mysterious forces, Ben risks the safety of those around him. He must solve this mystery quickly. Otherwise, people will die horrifically.

What do the forces want? What is the connection to Ben?

The Movie Ends - Where Do We Go from Here?

Although I found the movie ending disappointing, I enjoyed the overall plot. Encouraging those of you who enjoy horror films, I won’t spoil you with details. But let’s just say that I’m an advocate for redemption and restoration.

There’s a Mirrors 2 film, and while it is technically the sequel to Mirrors, its’ plot does not include the original characters. In my opinion, this was a missed opportunity for the writer of the sequel. In fact, a different director and production team are credited for the second film. I doubt that I will give Mirrors 2 the time and interest given to the first movie.


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