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FROM the (Epix, MGM+) TV Series Season 2 Episode 10 – Thoughts and Speculations

Date Aired: June 25, 2023

**Warning! Some spoilers are included in this post.**

Image of Boyd on a backdrop of Fromland in the Epix TV Series FROM
FROM TV Series thumbnail Boyd

Episode 10 of the From TV Series second season ended with several interesting events. Below are a few major highlights in this season finale that I discuss in this post.

  • Tabitha travels to the lighthouse only to be pushed out of the window by the Boy in White.

  • Jade locates and enters the cave where the seven ghoul children once laid on stone slabs, looking at up converging roots and vines.

  • The consciousness or souls of Julie, Randall, and Marielle are seized and transported to the dungeon where Martin was previously chained.

  • Boyd figures out how to re-enter the dungeon and ultimately destroys the music box.

Unanswered Questions Stimulate More Questions and Speculations About FROM the TV Series

The Boy in White

While viewers may have experienced some satisfaction from witnessing the progression of these subplots in From the TV Series, many questions remain unanswered. For example, who or what is the Boy in White exactly?

Visuals displayed during the opening theme song include an illustration of the Boy in White with a mouth drawn in the shape of a crow or raven. (I believe it’s a crow based on the captions when the Matthews family first encountered the tree in the road.) If the Boy in White is a crow or a deity that represents the crows, then could he be the Greek god known as Apollo?

Since the writers have incorporated aspects of mythology into the plot, it is logical to speculate that the Boy in White is a god, more specifically, Apollo. According to lore, Apollo was known as the god of the sun and light, and appeared as an unclothed or rob-dressed youth. In the season 2 finale, the writers associated the Boy in White with the lighthouse. Only time will tell whether this was coincidental or intentional.

Still, we don’t know the connection is between the Boy in White and the seven ghoul children. But if we did, then we would likely be able to answer some of the other questions in the plot and this speculation would be pointless.


So, where is Tabitha exactly? Yeah, obviously she awakened in St. Anthony’s Hospital. The window in her room looks out onto a marina area. This indicates that Tabitha is no longer in Fromland, which Dr. Brody confirms by stating that she was found alongside a trail. And where is the hospital and trail? In Tabitha’s real past, present, or future? Or has the Boy in White sent Tabitha to another reality?

The Seven Ghoul Children

In my posts on I discussed the possible origin of the seven ghoul children. Who are they and what contributed to their ultimate condition? My initial thought was that these children had drowned based on their appearances. All of the children are gaunt in appearance and dressed in white tattered clothing.

On the subject of their clothing, were/are they connected to the Boy in White in some manner? Or are they opposing forces? Hopefully the writers will show us more in the third season. Although I’m patient enough to take the story in doses. Build a progressively compelling story.

My second thought was that perhaps the seven ghoul children were an adaptation of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus or the Seven Sleeping Saints. Specifically referencing the Syrian account of this legend, a nameless watcher is mentioned in addition to the seven sleepers. Could the Boy in White be this said “watcher” in the series?

According to legend, these youths fled and dwelled in a cave after facing persecution for refusing to worship Roman idols. The cave was eventually sealed. Seems familiar? Recall the overgrown roots and vines at the top of the cave in the show?

The youths slept for an extended period of time that is described as a miraculous sleep. The seven eventually awakened but later died.

If the FROM TV Series writers have incorporated this legend into the plot, I believe it is a clever approach. The beauty of writing fiction is that elements of the real world can be included in a fictional storyline at any point and altered at the writer’s discretion. Non-fiction writing does not allow for such flexibility.

Julie, Randall, and Marielle

What is it about these three characters that this unknown entity wrested their consciousness away to some secret dungeon of the past or an alternate reality? Is there a certain set of criteria for selection? More questions.

Boyd defies the unknown entity in the guise of Abby and destroys the music box, freeing the consciousnesses of Julie, Randall, and Marielle.

Thanks for reading! I’ll return with another review soon.



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